1.5hr Coastal Voyage

This is our 1.5hrs Coastal Voyage. It’s the upgrade from our original 1-hour trip. There is so much to see and experience in the Bristol Channel, we felt we had to give you the time required to enjoy it.

Setting off from Cardiff Bay we take you through the locking system at Cardiff Barrage. Depending on the state of the tide we either rise or fall to meet the sea level outside. From here we will head out to Flat Holm Island. The Island is the most southerly point in Wales, rich in wildlife and steeped in history – there’s plenty to take in.

From Flat Holm it’s a brief run across the Welsh / English boarder and on to Steep Holm. Much like Flat Holm but without the amount of wildlife and steeper of course! We will show you the rugged cliffs and remote gunning positions as we take in a full lap of the Island.

On the return trip from the Islands we take in the sights of Penarth and the Pier before heading back through the locks and returning you safely to Mermaid Quay.

With Bay Islands Coastal Voyage, you get longer at sea and experience more compared to a 1hour Voyage. This really is the tour to experience everything Cardiff’s coast has to offer.


FULL BOAT CHARTER up to 8 people  £280

FULL BOAT CHARTER up to 12 people £400


You will be required to wear a face covering throughout this trip.

For those wishing to explore further try one of our speciality Flat Holm trips where we land you ashore to explore at your own pace.

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